Electric-vehicle car sharing programme officially rolls out with 80 cars

The Business Times
Tuesday, 12 December, 2017

Singapore's first large-scale electric-vehicle car sharing programme officially rolled out on Tuesday, with 80 hatchbacks and 32 charging stations offering some 120 charging points available for public use.



It is the first step of a plan to put 1,000 of such zero-emission cars on the roads for public use, along with 2,000 charging points, by 2020 - putting it on track to be the second largest electric vehicle car sharing programme in the world.


The initiative, which is also supported by the Land Transport Authority and Economic Development Board, was launched by Singapore Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan during a ceremony held at the Singapore Flyer.


The charging infrastructure and green cars are being supplied by BlueSG, a subsidiary of the French conglomerate, the Bolloré Group, which has a similar electric-vehicle sharing scheme in Paris, with more than 4,000 cars, and currently the world's largest.


Marie Bollore, managing director of the Bollore Group's Blue Solutions, said the company is "committed to make Singapore the second largest electric vehicle car sharing service worldwide after Paris".


Ms Bollore said that about 2,000 users have signed up to rent the BlueSG cars, since registrations opened on Dec 4.


Users can choose from two subscription plans: One charges a monthly subscription of S$15, and 33 Singapore cents for each minute of use. The other has no monthly fee, but will charge 50 Singapore cents a minute.


They can use a BlueSG app to book a car and reserve a parking lot. Cars have to be picked up from and returned to a BlueSG charging station.


By the end of this year, BlueSG targets to have a total of 110 cars and 42 charging stations offering 165 charging points.


The charging stations are spread across housing estates, the city and also found in one-north business park and the Singapore Science Park.


BlueSG's managing director Franck Vitte announced on Tuesday that it is now in talks with its first private landowner, City Developments Limited, to place charging stations at properties including Republic Plaza and Central Mall.



While the BlueSG programme was originally targeted to launch in August, it has been delayed due to the authorisation processes required to construct the charging stations, which includes trenching and laying of power cables.










About Blue Solutions

Publicly traded since October 30, 2013, Blue Solutions is the company that manages the electrical storage operations developed by the Bolloré Group. By diversifying its historical business of producing paper and ultrathin plastic film, the Bolloré group has become a producer of complete electrical components for capacitors, and now holds over one-third of the global market. With this expertise and 20 years of R&D, the group has engineered electrical storage solutions and batteries that rely on a unique technology, the LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) battery as well as supercapacitor technology. The batteries are employed both in mobile applications (electric vehicles) as well as stationary ones (storing electricity for individuals, businesses, local governments, etc.) developed and sold by other group entities through Blue Applications, which since 2011 has been rapidly growing on every continent.