EDF created its Asian Sustainable Cities Center of Excellence in Singapore in 2014. EDF Lab Singapore covers many innovative fields of research and develop cutting edge solutions for smart cities, decentralized energy system and simulation. The purpose of this R&D Center is to develop collaborations with the city-state, as well as with other cities in South East Asia.

EDF City Platform, launched in Singapore for the Housing and Development Board (HDB) to support the sustainable development of residential estate, is a 3D simulation tool integrating all the urban sectors. Today, HDB is using the 3D complex simulation platform to achieve their sustainability objectives in the refurbishment and new development of HDB towns. EDF Lab Singapore continue innovating by increasing the scope of urban parameters and evaluating the quality of life in a city.
The Lab is also involved in the field of micro grid to increase the development of remote communities through access to clean and reliable electricity. Leveraging on the long lasting experience of EDF, it explores new solution for decentralized energy systems.
EDF Lab Singapore is also involved in various research projects and learning programs with the main local universities: NUS, SUTD, NTU and SIT, developing innovative topics like, among others: Integrated Sustainable Design, quality of life evaluation, transport modelling or data visualization. It also collaborate with the branches of ESSEC and INSEAD in Singapore.

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