Ipsos is the world's third largest survey–based research group and is now located in 88 countries worldwide. We focus exclusively on the production, interpretation and distribution of information gathered from individuals about their opinions, desires, attitudes and behaviour.

In Asia Pacific, we are one of the fastest growing market research companies. Ipsos has now more than 4,000 fulltime professional staff located in 14 countries around the region.

In Singapore, we are organised by these research specializations:
• Ipsos Marketing: The Innovation & Brand Specialists
• Ipsos UU: The Qualitative Research Specialists
• Ipsos Loyalty: The Customer and Employee Research Specialists
• Ipsos Connect: The Media & Brand Expression Research Specialists
• Ipsos Business Consulting: The Business Growth Strategy Specialists
• Ipsos Healthcare: The Healthcare Research Specialists
• Ipsos Observer: The Survey Management & Data Collection Specialists
• Ipsos SMX: Social Media Insights Specialists
• Ipsos Public Affairs: The Social Research & Corporate Reputation Specialists

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