XYALIS, an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company established in 1998, and headquartered in Grenoble, FRANCE, is now the leading specialist in layout finishing and GDSII/OASIS processing software. XYALIS offers specialised tools in the area of Design for Manufacturing. XYALIS main tools include CMP metal fill, frame generation, MPW or shuttle layout optimisation, masks management and mask order form management.

XYALIS is the only independent company offering a full line of products dedicated to the reticle assembly teams for wafer optimisation and management. The current toolset encompasses MPW optimisation and placement plus the overall wafer frame management. XYALIS tools are very robust and have been used in production for more than 18 years at major semiconductor houses. These tools bring advanced solution to the most important DFM issues found during the design and the mask preparation.

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