SOPEXA is a marketing and consulting agency specialised in promotion, communication, training and market research for the food and beverage industry. The firm acts as an advisor to French authorities in terms of promoting French food and agricultural products worldwide. Sopexa also conceive and implement marketing and communication campaigns on behalf of its clients – French businesses, professional organisations and companies – and promotes their made-in-France food and beverage products and brands worldwide. This is achieved via a fully integrated network established in France and 35 foreign regions covering 90% of French export markets.

Products and services:
– Marketing and global communication consultancy
– Market research
– Advertising and media strategy
– Trade and and retail marketing, sales promotion
– International trade fairs
– Motivating professional network
– Press relations, event management and public relations
– Crisis communication and management

Countries targeted: Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

We have other offices in Asia: China (Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Hong Kong), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

15 Queen Street #03-01 Tan Chong Tower

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