Established in 1990, PRO EXPA has been specializing for more than 20 years in providing technical assistance and international qualified staff in the oil and gas industry.

Our knowledge of engineering needs, in management and on site, together with our understanding of our international clients’ specific requirements, enables us to build a link between our collaborators and ambitious projects. Young graduates and experienced expats do export our know-how outside our borders, contribute to their success and ensure a win-win partnership.
Throughout the mission we ensure adequate follow-up with clients and collaborators. Most of our projects are long term ones and this enables us to secure the loyalty of our staff and our clients who appreciate the ongoing quality of the performance.

Whatever the area, a required profile or the length of a mission, the PRO EXPA team do their best to comply with both parties’ wishes, in order to become a tripartite success.

70 Anson Road #11-01 Hub Synergy Point

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