APiLINX is a dynamic mobile consumer health and wellness start-up to empower people in their everyday healthy lifestyle.

APiLINX develops and provides APPIBUDDY, a health platform for people and health coaches who really wants to be engaged in an healthy lifestyle.

APPIBUDDY combines personalised data, recommendations, targeted content and social media to support users in nutrition and exercise coaching solution.

APPIBUDDY is a cloud-based wellness platform and a social gamified mobile consumer health app to empower people in their everyday healthy lifestyle. Importantly, everything we do is underpinned by technology and people’s well-being and we believe passionately in the seamless fusion of creativity and technology resulting in exciting, integrated, results-driven solutions for our clients.

The APPIBUDDY platform connects to any wearable device, fitness trackers and health kiosks, which provide a complete health check in less than 3 mn and are located in supermarkets, clinics, mall, community centres, and pharmacies.

APPIBUDDY enables unique connections with your friends and private interaction with your personal coach.

APPIBUDDY is literally your virtual health coach platform that builds on your weight loss experience and lets you earn rewards!

Appibuddy is free, and is a completely new, fun way to maintain your healthy eating and weight loss programme.

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