Since 1962, IER provides self-service solutions for the air transportation industry and has have been actively contributing to its ongoing evolution towards passenger-driven operations. Our know-how is widely recognized by airports and airlines worldwide and includes expertise in leading-edge technologies like biometrics, RFID or NFC.

For Airport & Airlines operators willing to take the self-service experience to the next level, IER provides the most relevant offer -from check-in to boarding – while ensuring optimal operational and security conditions: Passenger check-in and tagging solutions – Passport or boarding pass readers – self-service check-in kiosks and mobile check-in – Self-Bag Drop – Access Control, Border Control and Boarding.

Since 1995, IER PTE LTD operates in over 44 countries covering Asia Pacific, Middle East and India with dedicated and highly-trained professionals. We are proud of serving prestigious list of Airlines (Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, Cebu Pacific, and more) and Airports (Changi Airport, Hong Kong Airport, Koh-Samui, Oman Airport, etc..).

Customer Stories:
Singapore Changi Airport Group was actively looking at enabling self-service options in every aspect of passenger processing. They wanted to provide a suite of self-service options for departing passengers, available to passengers traveling with participating airlines (FlyScoot, Cebu Pacific).

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