Harmony & Mobility Consulting is an international HR consulting & coaching boutique company, expert in career transition & leadership development. In our fast–paced changing world, people & organisations have to constantly address new situations that are often challenging. Convinced that a successful transition is key to perform, we design & deliver HR and coaching solutions to facilitate change in multicultural environments.

PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT: Developing talents & high–performing teams to remain agile & innovative within their global, changing environment and improve their performance durably.
Executive Coaching, Leadership Transition & Development to accelerate managers and leaders' growth
Group Coaching & Co-development to enhance team cohesiveness, facilitate change and steer innovation

CAREER MANAGEMENT: Supporting career & employability development in international contexts
Career Assessment, Outplacement, International Mobility

Our certified coachs have a strong expertise in Leadership Development & Career Management as well as a hands–on experience of management and a deep understanding of organizational dynamics

Our clients in Asia: Airbus, AirFrance, Airliquide, Clarins, Danone, Dragages, Essilor, Gemalto, GroupeRichemont, Hermes, LVMH, Merck, Michelin, Thales, Total, Unilever

Harmony & Mobility Consulting Singapore operates in Singapore, China and South–East Asia. Other branches cover UK, France and Belgium.

1 Fullerton Road #02-01 One Fullerton

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