D'Gers artistic concept is based on the use of recycled green materials.
She offers an accessible art to all, by using daily consumption materials like paper, carton, plastic, aluminum, tissues, decorative elements.

D'Gers stimulates the creativity that exists in each of us, while offering a moment of pleasure and imagination around an original and fancy artistic creation.

D'Gers participates to Art exhibition and shows presenting differents series.
As human contact is essential to D'Gers inspiration, she organizes collaborative events with others artists, in various places.

She offers workshops to adults, children, schools, associations, around her unique green concept.

D'Gers organizes private "art" events for individuals or companies, and also participates to team building, for collaborative works.

2021 Bukit Batok Street 23 #03-206

godaddy vs fatcow

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