Havas Group is one of the world's largest global communications groups. Founded in 1835 in Paris, the Group now employs 20000 people in over 100 countries. Havas is committed to being the world’s best company at creating meaningful connections between people and brands through creativity, media and innovation.

Havas Group is also the most integrated Group in its sector, with most of its creative and media teams sharing the same premises, the Havas Villages, designed to increase synergies and creativity for all its clients and agencies. Havas is organised into two divisions: Havas Creative Group and Havas Media Group.

Havas Group is the only communications group to have adopted a business model based on collaboration between media, digital and creative teams therefore ensuring total integration.

Havas Creative Group incorporates the Havas network, the Arnold micro-network as well as several leading agencies including BETC.

Havas Media Group operates in over 100 countries, and incorporates four major commercial brands: Havas Media, Arena Media, FullSix Media and Havas Sports & Entertainment.

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