DiGital Content Technologies Pte Ltd provides innovative solutions for:
– Out–Of–Home (OOH) digital media and digital signage networks;
– Traffic counting (commuters, shoppers, vehicles);
– Smart cities.

Our solutions:

Quividi audience measurement
Face–tracking and traffic video-analytic:
– Automated audience measurement for OOH media;
– Real–time anonymous with gender, age grouping and emotions identification.
– Real-tIme Audience behaviour and responsiveness tracking

Alioscopy glasses–free 3D displays
Award winner of Worldwide Innovation Challenge 2014 in France, offering 3D solutions for OOH media and advertising:
– Digital signage display;
– Communication and marketing events;
– Trade shows events;
– Medical imaging;
– Design and prototyping;
– Training and simulation;
– Museums.

Adooh platform for digital OOH media
– A complete digital signage content and advertising campaign management including:
– Content scheduling, distribution and DOOH players software suite;
– Media asset management;
– IOT Sensor and audience management integration,
- Integrated data management and machine learning

Video analytics and smart–sensors–integrated solutions for smart cities and public place (transportation hub, shopping malls,...)
– Car counting;
– People counting (taxi queue, service, F&B,...);
– Heatmap generation;
– Wireless network of low–energy sensors.

– ultra connected digital sign - street furniture

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