CellProthera is a company founded in 2008 in Mulhouse (France) to research, develop and commercialize innovative therapeutic solutions for the regeneration of organs damaged by disease or trauma but also to develop the means to industrialize cell manufacturing in a cost-effective manner.

CellProthera focuses on the use of blood stem cells for cardiac diseases and is currently developing an innovative therapeutic concept of functional regeneration of the damaged heart muscle after severe heart attack. By injection of a graft of autologous CD34 + stem cells in the myocardial muscle, the recovery of the cardiac function allows the patients to have a normal life again.

CellProthera innovative solution has been successfully tested in a proof of concept clinical study, started in 2002 by its president, Pr. Philippe Henon, using autologous peripheral blood CD34+ stem cells directly reinjected into the cardiac lesion of patients after acute myocardial infarct. The clinical outcomes indicated an excellent safety profile associated with a long-term outstanding recovery of their cardiac function, which allowed the study patients to return to a normal life.

Clinical trials are underway in Europe enrolling 44 patients. A subset of this trial will be conducted in Singapore. Singapore acceptance and support of CellProthera's therapeutic breakthrough technology is seen as a sign of excellence, leadership in the field and a gate opener to the Asian market.

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