Backed by over 3 decades of experience and expertise, CORIAL is the technology leader driving innovation in plasma etch and deposition equipment for specialty semiconductor markets. At CORIAL, we address a range of end-market applications including optoelectronics, failure analysis, MEMS, power devices, advanced packaging, wireless communication and integrated optics. We have the capability to process over 200 different materials. Our R&D team continuously fine-tunes and co-creates with our clients the etching and deposition processes. to pattern the materials that are at the heart of modern life - from glass processing for biological sensors, to SiC for green energy and wireless communication with GaN technology.

We design and manufacture our plasma etch and deposition equipment in France. Today, we provide both stand-alone modules and production cluster tool for single wafer and multi-wafer batch loading. CORIAL proposes a large range of plasma-based technologies including RIE, ICP, DRIE, ICP-CVD, PECVD, and ALE/ALD. With unique features such as precise process control for damage free etch, stress free deposition, or in-situ plasma reactor cleaning,

This is a direct consequence of the excellent coverage of our agents and distributors in China, Singapore, and Korea. We have recently opened two offices in Taipei and Singapore to provide direct field service support and business support across Asia.

541 Orchard Road #09-01 Liat Towers

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