Investor Relations and Performance Management for startups.
We help Startups get to the next level with our expertise and solutions in Investor Relations: from fundraising, negotiating the terms, to monthly investor reporting and building a relationship.

Investor Reporting takes founders between 5 to 15 hours every month, to lift this constraint, we came up with a unique, fixed price solution that:
- Saves this precious time
- Guarantees best in class investor communication
- Gives the benefits of an external performance analysis every month -- with our KPI analysis software, the Investor Report can also be used as a powerful management tool providing performance insights and allowing for Smart Business Management.

Talking to investors can be a daunting task for entrepreneurs, therefore we support them in all aspects of investor relations.
Our advisory services include:
- Fundraising
- Negotiations, best practice, and legal framework advice
- Investor Communication -- monthly or Ad Hoc
- Reporting

We give masterclasses and work with prominent Accelerators in Singapore to mentor and provide services to their startup cohorts.

*We also use our software solution to provide performance management services to SMEs.

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