IDSUD Energies works hard daily to offer its clients innovative energies solutions.

Produce, store and supply, is the brand motto. Through the creation and production of many different solutions, IDSUD Energies does not only show its expertise in renewable energies, but a real ability coordinating new production modes.

At the beginning concentrated on the wind energy – it has developed brand new 3D wind turbine technology triple patented - the company develops various production modes such as photovoltaic and global solution allowing to reach energetic independence.

For its worldwide development, IDSUD Energies has created new companies, such
as IDSUD Energies Afrique, based in Morocco. This new entity is dedicated to the African market. A logistic area and a training center have been created to promote local fabrication but also in order to become a distribution platform for the IDSUD Energies’ solutions designed and developed in France.

Extending its partnership network, a new sister company, IDSUD Energy Asia Pacific has been implanted in Hong-Kong to enter Asian and Pacific Areas markets and be as closer as possible to the most important international business exchanges.

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