Swiss fiduciary company since 1965, Guggenheim & Associates is a global management services company located in Geneva, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong. At Guggenheim & Associates, we are committed in advising and assisting growing SMEs to incorporate and develop their activities worldwide.

Guggenheim & Associates delivers customized and high–quality solutions in corporate management, consulting, accounting, tax and legal. It ensures the good compliance of its clients according to the international and local regulatory frameworks. Behaving as a pioneer on growing markets, Guggenheim & Associates is the ideal partner to rely on to create and to invest in Europe, Middle–East, Africa, East and South East Asia.

Our teams consist of highly experienced and dedicated professionals with local and international expertise.

Guggenheim & Associates is a member of Alliott Group, an international alliance of independent accounting, law and consulting firms, represented in 65 countries.

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