For more than 110 years, MARIT has been manufacturing and supplying high resistance steel chains and accessories for offshore, military, navy & maritime applications, as well as for ports & lighthouses authorities. Thanks to its significant expertise, MARIT distributes its products in France and worldwide.

MARIT can supply studlink or studless chains, chafe chains and accessories of EU origin, as per the ISO 1704, IACS W18 & W22 standards, or tailored to specific requirements, in accordance with the major classification bodies specifications. We can offer chains in grades 2, 3 or HR for military or marine applications, and R3, R3S, R4, R4S and R5 for offshore applications. Our chains may be supplied with standard or tailored anchors, shackles, swivels, connectors, triplates, quadplates, bridles, buoys or any other component of a mooring or anchor line assembly.

All our products can be manufactured in different steel composition such as carbon & alloyed steel, stainless steel or non–magnetic steel. They can also be coated with black paint, epoxy paint, hot-dip galvanisation, or any other special coating that may be required by the end user.

We offer our clients a unique expertise and significant experience in mooring solutions.

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