Hasn’t everything already been explored about chocolate? Probably not...
Tastes, sensations, encounters or fortuitous and ephemeral moments… these are infinite territories that have still to be explored towards which chocolate leads us.

Diversity of cocoa, flavors, colors and textures for endless creative possibilities, this is what motivates us every day! From our trips around the world, our discoveries, we draw our inspiration and create unique recipes.
Whether you are an amateur or an authentic culinary explorer, our chocolates are a feast for the eyes and taste buds.
Alone or with beloved, enjoy our crispy Piemonte hazelnut IGP praliné. Succumb to our “original creations”, true associations of surprising or unexpected ingredients such as the encounter of Banana and Curry hint or the rendez–vous of dark chocolate and cherry blossom tea.
For you, we create our chocolates with the highest care in our craft workshop.
Our collection, we mean it as an invitation to travel, to explore new flavors and new horizons.


12, rue des Filatiers

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