SGItech distributes innovative technologies for laboratories such as microscopes and ready-to-use clinical/diagnostic & food kits solutions.

Our holographic tomographic system is a powerful and easy solution to analyze the 3D Refractive Index signature of cells based on the density of their inner structures.
- 3D Cell Explorer -
With the 3D Cell Explorer, visualize and discover your living cells (bacteria, yeast, protozoa, mammalian) and tissues in real-time and in 3D in their natural environment.
Usage of toxic and expensive reagents is avoided as staining is made digitally using our software.
- 3D Cell Explorer-fluo -
This model answers to your scientific needs to combine the benefits from non-invasive cell tomography with a well-established and recognized method: multi-channel epifluorescence.

Our ready-to-use clinical/diagnostic & food kits operating on an Agilent Triple Quad MS 6460 platform reduces complexity of sample preparation (no derivatization, SPE or concentration needed) as well as analysis time resulting in a cost-effective solution for trustworthy and accurate results.
- Clinical/diagnostic kits -
New Born Screening (NBS), Amino Acids, Organic Acids, Homocysteine, Vitamin D, Steroid Hormones, Immunosuppressive Drugs, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM), Busulfan & Methotrexate, Clinical Toxicology.
- Food kits -
Multi-Mycotoxins, Aflatoxin M1, Patulin, Multi-Antibiotics, Tetracyclines, Sulfonamides, Histamine, Taurine.

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