Smart Cities


Smart Cities


Mr Antoine Gondard, Dragages Singapore

Mr Franck Martins, STMicroelectronics Asia Pacific

Mr Alexandre Parilusyan, Dassault Systèmes

Mr Franck Vitte, BlueSG by Bolloré


French Chamber Contact: Guillaume Renaud


Objectives of this committee:

  • Identify and promote French expertise in Smart Cities in Singapore

  • Encourage exchange of information about projects, ideas and best practices so as to improve synergies among member companies involved in the field of Smart Cities.

Possible Actions / Deliverables:

  • Collaborative multi-disciplinary workshops and roundtables
  • High-level meetings with government officials
  • Partnerships with local universities
  • Develop a common platform to promote our companies expertise
  • Create a Label
  • Technical simulation platforms/systems architecture
  • Position papers


The Smart Cities committee's first conference, "Wise Innovation: A Journey Toward Smart Society," took place on 7 October 2016 and brought together French companies and Singapore governmental agencies for a day of exchange on strategies and opportunities in innovation. Through a series of three discussion panels and in the presence of keynote speaker Navi Radjou, Silicon Valley-based Innovation Strategist and Guest-of-Honour Professor Low Teck Seng, CEO of National Research Foundation of Singapore, the conference explored what it means to be innovating 'wisely', and the areas and ways in which enriching French companies can be contributing to Singapore's Smart Nation vision.




The Urban​ Innovations portfolio is a project initiated by the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, showcasing over 150 French smart city solutions awaiting to be pioneered, implemented and exported with Singapore. Through a novel collective creative process, the French team came up with three stories including multiple real-life examples that illustrate how these solutions could address the smart nationa priorities in Singapore from an end-user perspective. The launch, hosted by the French Ambassador at the French Residence, enabled members of the committee to meet, share and discuss their ideas and projects with Singapore governmental agencies.


Visit the Urban Innovations website or click here to download the portfolio in PDF to find out more.



Photo Gallery

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Committee Documents (members’ only)

Dec 2017 | SystemX_SG_20122017.pdf
Nov 2017 | Ground Motion monitoring from radar satellite_Sixence.pdf
Mar 2017 | Smart Sustainable Cities - EDB.pdf
Oct 2016 | Transcript of Opening Remarks of Professor Low Teck Seng at Wise Innovation Conference - NRF Wise Innovation Opening Remarks.pdf
Jun 2016  | Smart Cities and the Power of Ecosystem Services - ESSEC Asia Pacific.pdf
Apr 2015 | FCCS Smart cities.pdf
Apr 2015 | Singapore’s Solar Industry Landscape - EDB.pdf
Apr 2015 | Field experience on Solar plants with Li-ion ESS - Saft Batteries.pdf
Apr 2015 | Innovative Solar Financing Solutions - LYS Energy Group.pdf


Past Events

30 Jan 2018 - 09:45
Speakers: Mr Guan Bian KOH, Deputy Director of Innovation & Technology Transfer Hub, Building & Research Institute, HDB ; Mr Maxime CASSAT, Managing Director, EDF Lab Singapore
20 Dec 2017 - 08:30
Speakers: François-Xavier Lannuzel, Chief Representative of the SystemX office in Singapore
23 Nov 2017 - 17:00
Speakers: Blanca PAYAS, General Manager, SIXENSE Satellite
25 Oct 2017 - 08:30
Speakers: Mr Henri Bong, CEO and Founder, UnaBiz
14 Sep 2017 - 08:30
Speakers: Dr Raj Thampuran, Managing Director, A*STAR