Market Approach


Benefit from our expertise and network to prospect the Singaporean market efficiently.


Business Matching

The French Chamber team will support you to optimise your business trip in Singapore if you are based in France and expand your business opportunities if you are already established in Singapore.



  • Detect new business opportunities with public tenders in Singapore

Consult the website to see the latest public tenders.

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  • Business missions

We organise your business missions from A to Z: with a strong market approach

  • Advising on your business strategy and analysing your products and sales tools
  • Creating a list of targeted contacts according to your needs and specifications
  • Elaborating on a communications plan in approaching targeted contacts
  • Contacting them directly to raise and test interest in your products or services
  • Scheduling and coordinating a chain of meetings for a one or two-day business trip (3 to 4 meetings a day)
  • Providing an option to accompany clients to facilitate meetings
  • Following up with necessary actions
  • Qualified list of contacts

We provide you with a list of contacts corresponding to the companies you target in Singapore. This listing enables you to contact directly potential partners.


  • Exploratory Consumer Tests

Assess the compatibility between your products / services and the local market. A study will be conducted with a panel of Singaporean consumers through our partner with a ten-year expertise in consumer tests in Singapore.




Do find here some summaries, photos and testimonials of our missions that the French Chamber Singapore has organised:


  • May 2017 | Prospection Mission: Mission to find partners and clients: Euris - Cloud CRM & CLM for Life Sciences (More)
  • May 2017 | Prospection Mission: Mission to find distributors and importers of wine: Magna Vini (More)
  • Mar 2017 | Prospection Mission: Mission to find retail resellers: Soieries du Mékong (More)
  • Mar 2017 | Propsection Mission: Mission to find business partner: Hagerty SA (More)
  • Mar 2017 | Prospection Mission: Mission to understand innovation landscape: Bouygues Groupe (More)
  • Feb 2017 | Prospection Mission: Assistance Formation Conseil (More)
  • Nov 2016 | Learning Expedition: l'ESA Business School (More)





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