What is a domiciliation service at the French Chamber?

It is the use of our address (Orchard Road) as registered address for your local entity (Private Limited or Representative Office) as well as the management of your incoming mail.


Why use a domiciliation service?

  • You need a registered address in Singapore for your local entity and you don't need a permanent office yet?
  • You are always/often travelling and you don't have any colleague to receive your company mail and inform you?
  • You are still looking for the perfect premises to settle down with your team (have you considered our Business Centre) and need a temporary official address?
  • You don't live in Singapore but you are in charge of a Singapore-registered entity and want to follow-up?
  • You may need a prestigious address to develop your business but you can't afford, or you don't want to rent an office in the Orchard area?
  • You work from home and are looking for a "professional" address?

​These are all the reasons why using a domiciliation service with the French Chamber in Singapore is the ideal solution for you.



The Advantages of Our Domiciliation Service

1) Confidential processing of your incoming mail

  • Mail handling: We will inform you by email when letters are arriving and if possible, let you know the sender. Later, you can come and pick it up at your earliest convenience *.
  • Content scanned and forwarded by email upon client's request.

2) Privileged access to our Business Centre

  • Access to a workstation within our Business Centre over 4 half-days per month **.

3) Prestigious address on Orchard Road

  • Use of the address of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore as your registered office address on all your official documents, website, brochures, business cards, etc.

4) Availability

  • Our telephone and fax numbers provided for your incoming calls
  • A dedicated interlocutor

5) Flexible

  • Offers for 3, 6 or 12 months according to your needs, with a regressive tariff.
  • You wish to become a tenant in our Business Centre? We will pay you back the remaining domiciliation.
  • You don't need domiciliation service anymore? You can terminate your contract ***.



*    during Chamber's opening hours

**  available for members only

*** conditions apply




For more details, and for relevant pricing offers, do contact us.


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